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Since the establishment in 1993, MOLL logistik focused on developing strong expertise as a promotion-fullservice provider. Through continuous growth, now over 30 employees are responsible for more than 25 fullservice customers. Based on acquisitions the company achieved a market presence in different regions within Germany as well. These sales offices include specialists close to our customers and generate synergy effects which contributed to become a leading promotion-fullservice agent.

Business devisions

Both long-term experience and employee expertise characterize the highly specialized services MOLL logistic provides. Furthermore, modern IT systems, logistic fulfilment services, and centralized purchasing platforms deliver a wide range of advantages to our customers in the field of promotional articles.
KOCH PROMOTION, already established in 2002, was the first business division outside the headquarter in Senden. Until today their main responsibilities are to advise customers in the near of Hannover and to fulfill drop-shipments. In addition, advising fullservice customers located in that region can be realized from Peine as well.
WER GmbH, emerged from the Werbemittel Rölver KG, looks back to many years of promotional products tradition. Under a new CEO, customers experience high class advising and professional order fulfilment. Moreover fullservice customers are consulted from Münster as well and therefore the WER GmbH can make use of the strong fulfilment services from MOLL logistik.
Even before the turn of millennium MOLL PROMOTION was established as a specialist to serve customers outside the fullservice segment. The purpose was to create an independent business unit within the headquarter in Senden which is specialized in the fulfilment of drop-shipments. Today, their main responsibility is to advise key accounts within the MOLL-GROUP.
As the first business unit outside Germany, AUSTRIA PROMOTION was already founded in 2004 with the purpose of realizing a growing presence abroad. From there customers in the area of Tirol are advised as well as the fullservice segment. The unit is supported by MOLL logistik which helps fulfilling fullservice orders.
HANSE PROMOTION is our youngest unit within the MOLL-GROUP. Since 2011 their main purpose is to act as a direct contact partner for customers in the area of Hamburg. Besides the fulfilment of drop-shipments HANSE PROMOTION advises fullservice customers. Thereby the unit is supported by the fulfilment services from MOLL logistik.


Foundation: 1993
Employees: > 40
Customers in fullserivce: > 40
Customers in drop-shipping: > 1.600


Advertising material fullservice - Map of our business devisions spread over Germany

KOCH PROMOTION: Your advertising partner near Hannover / Braunschweig / Wolfsburg PRESIT - Der advertising material online-store of WER GmbH AUSTRIA PROMOTION: Your advertising partner in Austria

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The basis of business is trust – the basis of trust is expertise

Advertising Material Expertise

Our advertising material fullservice expertise

To accomplish finding new products and novelties continuously, we are visiting national and international fairs. That is why stays in in Far East are an inherent part of our sourcing activities. Besides that we guarantee through strong connections to our suppliers an intensive discussion about innovations, special promotions or trends. We are convinced that you are benefiting from our new promotional ideas.
We already support our customers in the early stage, especially when it comes to search for articles and ideas suitable to their concepts. Long-term experience, industry expertise, and synergy effects that resulted from the MOLL-GROUP, contribute to deliver high class consultation. In addition, our sales offices in different regions within Germany and Austria provide contact persons on-site.
The MOLL-GROUP benefits from strong purchasing conditions at suppliers and efficient cost structures. Moreover, our customers profit from prefinancing offerings that spread the costs over individual orders or deliveries. Besides national procurement of promotional articles, we make use of direct imports from foreign countries to round off our portfolio.
A diversified supplier network in different export nations permits us to accomplish fast research of articles and allows the procurement from overseas. Our experienced import division compares offers and determines suitable suppliers for the requirements of our customers. In advance, production samples offer a high degree of transparency and security before mass production starts and is delivered.

Advertising Material Fullservice

Advertising Material Fullservice - Our Offer

In our opinion, online shops for the procurement of promotional articles are the foundation to increase efficiency. Therefore we provide them for free to our fullservice customers. The systems from MOLL logistik use PHP and HTML as a basis which makes presentation in all common browsers possible. In addition, our shops are programmed in an open manner. That allows the integration from existing shops or booklets and furthermore empowers to connect ERP systems.
The online shops by MOLL-Logistik provide a wide range of functions which support our customer. These include an extensive budget management, user groups specifications, invoice processing, different languages and many more. Regarding the shop design, customers can determine both an individual corporate design and the structure of the menu.
MOLL logistik’s own high-bay warehouses which include over 1.800 pallet bays provide overall capacity and flexibility needed for extensive logistic services. These contain same day shipping from fullservice shop orders as well as packaging services which are required to deal with volume intensive individual shippings. Moreover, our own courier cars allow fast express delivery and guarantee a high level of product availability at the same time.
Management analysis takes place in real time within the online shops. We provide our customers several analyzing tools and possibilities to track inventory levels or sales statistics. Besides that, there is a background monitoring of minimum inventories to avoid stock-outs. To achieve transparency, order confirmations and different reporting’s are available for each single order. This supports also ensuring the necessary accountability.


Advertising Material Fullservice - Safety

Moll logistik ensures quality in all segments. We guarantee immediate support through personal contact partners as well as an intensive caring about our customers at any time. Furthermore, our own high-bay warehouses provide high reliability regarding incoming goods inspection and to check the quality of the ordered articles. Selected suppliers, moreover, make sure to deliver a high quality range of products to our customers.
MOLL logisitk cares about the best possible data protection. This includes an availability guarantee regarding our promotion online shops in the fullservice segment that allows customers to access their shops at any time. In addition we make use of servers located in Germany. They are managed by a professional service provider who is subject to current data protection regulations as well.
Constant availability is accomplished in different comprehensive areas. Starting with personal contact partners who are available immediately for our customers. Furthermore, high-bay warehouses ensure both flexibility regarding logistics and the secure flow of goods which is also supported by our courier cars. Even our online shops increase availability by monitoring defined minimum inventories and thus avoid stock-outs.
Moll logistik’s online shops are hosted by an external service provider. This data center ensures high levels of protection and stability. Additionally, mirrored backups of our customers’ online shops reduces the risk of possible data losses. Besides that encrypted logging via “https” guarantees optimum security during accessing the shop systems.


Our team


MOLL Gruppe - Unternehmen Werbemittel Fullservice

MOLL logistik GmbH

Messingweg 1
48308 Senden - Nordrhein-Westfalen

Phone: +49 (0) 2597/9612–0
Fax: +49 (0) 2597/9612-20

E-Mail: info@moll-gruppe.com
Web: www.moll-gruppe.com

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We as MOLL-GROUP have adopted the ambitious standard of acting sustainable. This includes environmental, economical, as well as social sustainability. Committed to such an approach we are convinced to establish the best foundation to fulfill customers’ desires regarding the sustained use of promotional products.

Do the promotional products consist of renewable resources, recycled materials, or from such materials which can be recycled later on? Are the articles produces economically and environmental friendly? Do the suppliers ensure fair working conditions and social standards? These are questions we are pleased to answer you.

MOLL Gruppe - Wir handeln nachhaltig - Werbemittel Fullservice


Social engagement


A German couple traveled around Nepal as photographers and correspondents. Confronted with high degree of child poverty which they perceived unacceptable, they decided to do something against it.

Hence, they developed their lives’ mission. Until today they achieved to help over 150 children. We are proud that we are allowed to support their private initiative through donations and non-cash benefits.


MOLL Gruppe - Sociales Engagement - Wir unterstützen "Happy Children"